Credit Card Payoff

If you think you will never be able to get rid of your credit card debt, think again! See what it will take to pay off your balance and what you can change to meet your repayment goals.

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Current balance
Current outstanding balance on your credit card.

Pay off goal (in months)
Your goal for paying off this credit card. This is the number of months by which you would like to have completely paid off this credit card balance.

Current monthly payment
The amount you are currently paying per month on this credit card. Please enter the amount you actually pay, not the minimum payment. This amount is used to calculate how long it will take you to pay off your balance.

Planned additional monthly charges
Total new charges you expect to put on this credit card per month.

Interest rate (APR)
The annual percentage interest rate being charged for this credit card.

Annual fee
Your annual fee for this credit card, if any.
Major purchase
If you expect a major purchase beyond your normal charges, enter the amount to be spent here.

Months from now
Number of months before your major purchase will occur.

Please note that all financial calculators require a browser that can display Java™ applets. For best results please use Explorer 7, Netscape Navigator 7 and higher, Macintosh Safari or Modzilla FireFox 1.0 and higher.

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