Clarky Davis: The Debt Diva

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We recently had the pleasure of talking with Clarky Davis – otherwise known as The Debt Diva!  She’s really a girl after our own hearts. Not only is The Diva the spokesperson for Care One Credit Counseling (, she also has her own fabulous website you must check out:!  Like so many of us, Clarky is a young woman who learned the hard way how to take control of her personal finances…

Fresh out of college, Clarky found herself living way beyond her means.  Only making $7/hour, she was trying to find a way to live the life she wanted on a meager income.  As we know too well, it can be hard to stick to just the basic necessities when temptation to buy seems to flirt with you at every turn!  Trying to pay for food, rent, social life, clothes and health insurance on $7 an hour, Clarky found herself going into debt just to get by.  Like so many of us, she felt increasingly isolated by her financial woes.

As fate would have it, Clarky ended up landing a gig in the communications dept of Care One Credit Counseling, a service that helps people get OUT of debt!  Her personal and professional worlds collided, and it didn’t happen a moment too soon.  Clarky began leading focus groups for Care One and found herself fascinated with people’s stories, and wanting to learn more.  Leading these groups compelled her to get her own finances on the right track, and she did just that and more!  Clarky went on to a get a certification from the Institute for Financial Counseling.  She began blogging about her own experiences, and poof, The Debt Diva was born!

Check out The Debt Diva for more of her story, tips, ideas, and downloadable financial planning guides.

But first, The Diva shared with us her Top Holiday Tips to get a handle on holiday spending…

Mugs & Muffins

This is a delicious idea! Clarky credits her Cousin Barbara with starting this Fab  & Fru family tradition.  As we all know, hosting a holiday dinner can break the bank.  So Clarky is a big fan of a ‘Mugs and Muffins’ mid-morning get together. Brew up some tasty hot chocolate, spiced cider & coffee and make some mouthwatering muffins.  Invite friends and family over for some inexpensive but fun holiday cheer!

Deal or No Deal?

Doesn’t it seem like every store has their own deal-to-end-all deals going on right now? Like buy one blender get one free? But before you get sucked into this vortex, Clarky wants you to stop and think – do you really need two new blenders? Actually, do you even need one new blender? The notion of ‘deals’ creates a lot of temptation to spend – so be careful!  Before you go shopping she advises that you make a list, and check it twice.  Make sure that you do not impulsively blow money on ‘special promotions’.  Remember, it’s not a great deal if you didn’t need in the first place!

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