Save on Gas!

Thankfully gas prices are plummeting, but then again so are most of our investments.  So here are a few money saving tips that will help you get more miles to the gallon & be a little kinder to  the environment while you’re at it!

1. Use the lowest-octane gasoline that is appropriate for your car.

2. Check your tires and pump them up!  Driving on underinflated tires not only reduces the life of the tire, but it makes your engine work harder and could burn gas up to 15% faster according to some experts.

3. Don’t skimp on tune-ups!  Maintain your engine, change your air filters, and use the right oil.  A healthy car runs more efficiently.

4. Hey speed demons- stop putting the peddle to the metal – your car burns a lot more gas when you go over 60 miles per hour.

5. If you have a garage, keep your car in the garage.   Your engine will not have to work as hard to cool off or heat up.

6. Don’t top off while you’re filling up your tank.  The extra gas usually spills out and gets wasted anyway.

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