Fab & Fru-ity Holiday Centerpiece

Transform your average fruit bowl into a divine decoration for your dining table!


The colors of fall fruit are such beautiful jewel tones – all it takes is a few pears, apples and grapes in rich hues, contrasted with a garland of Italian parsley (leftover from our Colorful Corn Relish recipe) to transform your table into a Fab and Festive setting!

This elegant, edible centerpiece is Fab & Fru times two!  Not only will you have a beautiful focal point for your table, but you will enjoy eating it for days to come.  Whether you donate it to a food pantry or eat it yourself, this $10 centerpiece will be more useful and much less expensive than traditional flowers ever could be.

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One Response to “Fab & Fru-ity Holiday Centerpiece”

  1. Gary says:

    You can use http://www.AmpleHarvest.org to find a local food pantry eager for the fruit from your centerpiece.

    You may be done with your dinner, but a family in need in your community can also enjoy it too!

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