Nifty Gifts for Under $40!

When giving gifts this year we have three Fab & Fru pieces of advice:

You CAN put a price on friendship.  Meaning, write down Who’s Who on your list and what you want to spend on each gift.  Remember to factor in wrapping and shipping costs! Fill out The Debt Diva’s Holiday Budget Guide to help keep track of your spending!

The thought DOES count!  There’s nothing nicer than receiving a gift that feels like someone actually thought of YOU while buying it.  You don’t have to spend a bundle to make someone feel special.

Looks DO matter!  The presentation of your present goes a long way!   Even if you are giving a gift certificate to someone, make it special and personalized by making it pretty – you don’t need to spend a fortune to get creative.

Before you head out shopping, fill out The Debt Diva’s Holiday Budget Guide! Planning ahead will help to keep a little jingle in your pocket...

The Fab & Fru Gift Guide!  Here are our top picks for…

The Aspiring Artist

·      A subscription to the classic ArtForum will give your Artist the inside scoop on gallery openings and exhibits, plus reviews and interviews on all the visual arts!  One year subscription (10 issues) $39.00.

·      A nice size sketchpad and some charcoals can inspire anyone to get their sketch on! Package this thoughtful gift for under $25.00. If you don’t have an art store near you, you can now shop online at the world famous art store Pearl Paint.

The Beveragist

·      The Fabulous & Frugal Wine special at Domaine 547 is still on!   Both bottles in ‘The Two-Pack Duo’ are Jorge Ordonez imports. They’re full body Spanish red wines and are a steal at $30.00!

·      Your Beer Drinker will just love The Weiss Set at  This set of six tall elegant glasses will add a little style to anyone’s cold brew for $24.99.

The Bookworm

·      A Subscription to BookForum, a literary magazine with reviews of the latest titles, author interviews, and commentary about current and coming trends. One year subscription (5 issues) is only $16.00.

·      A Gift Certificate to the NY’s infamous Strand Bookstore.  Any Bookworm who loves to collect rare and new treasures can search The Strand’s online store.

The Coffee Snob

·      Check out for excellent free trade coffee roasted right in Brooklyn. They have a three pound gift set in a cool wooden box for $36.50.

·      Crate & Barrel has perfect products for your Coffee Snob.  We like the Bialetti Moka Espresso Makerfor just $24.95.

The Computer Geek

·      We’re gaga for this gizmo: the USB 1GB flash drive for quick access to both Macs & PC’s. Transfer and store documents, photos, music, or video.  You must have at least a Mac OS X or Windows Vista/XP operating system – $14.95 at

·      Make your Computer Geek’s laptop just a little safer with a protective laptop sleeve.  For the PC user, the online Dell Store has a wide variety of cool & fun options for under $30.00 at  And for the Macs, the sleek Incase Neoprene Sleeve fits the bill for $35.95

The Environmentalist

·      Envirosax® reusable shopping bags. These eco-friendly bags range from $7.95 and up. They weigh nothing, they’re sturdy, roll up into a three inch bundle, and are super cute!

·      A travel mug is a Fab & Fru idea to save money on your daily caffeine habit as well as decrease the littering, mass-producing, carbon-emitting transportation of disposable cups. Check for a great variety ranging from $10-$20.00.

The Fashionista

·      A Project Runway DVD season set.  Each season costs about $15.00 on  Bundle up a few season sets and your diva will be sitting pretty.

·      A year subscription to Vogue or any other fave fashion mag. 12 issues of Vogue will run-way you $15.00 plus Vogue is throwing in a free pretty red tote bag when you subscribe.

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