Your Coffee Fix


Your caffeine habit could be costing you more than you think!  It may just seem like a few dollars here and there, but your love of lattes may be sabotaging your savings account.  Let’s take our friend Myra. Each work day, she has one morning latte to kick off her day and then another one to keep her going through the afternoon.

Watch how fast her innocent ritual adds up!  Our friend is not alone – did you know that 39% of Americans buy their daily cups of joe at specialty shops rather than brewing it at home?

$3.50 per cup= $7 a day=$35 per workweek=$140 per month=$1680 a year…ON COFFEE!

We’re not saying that Myra should give up her latte fix entirely, but if she made a Small Change and brewed her morning coffee at home, she could save her latte splurge for an afternoon treat. By making this effort to adjust her routine slightly, Myra will soon see her savings account really start to percolate!

If you buy a pound of gourmet coffee for $12, it  works out to about 15 cents a cup if you brew it yourself!  So, if Myra switches to one home brewed cup and one store bought latte a day, that’s an eye-opening savings of about $800 a year!

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