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With jobs so scarce these days, and piles of resumes for employers to choose from, the pressure is even higher to make a stand out impression when interviewing for your dream job.  Many people assume they know how to act in an interview, but you would be surprised at how many commit seemingly basic errors.  After many years of being the interviewer and the interviewee, we thought we’d share some simple Fab & Fru tips on how to peak the interest of your potential new boss and get them to take serious notice of you!

money icon.jpgDo Your Hair & Make-up!

Looking your professional best doesn’t mean you have to go spend money at the salon, but you do need to take a few extra moments at home to groom and gloss.  The interviewer should be able to focus on what you are saying without being distracted by your unkempt hair or uncovered breakouts!For more beauty tips check out–Summer Make-Up Tips: Look Hot When the Heat is On.

money icon.jpgDress for Success!

Yes, we’ve heard it time and time again, but appearances do matter. I don’t care how much of a super genius you are, if you show up dressed inappropriately you’ll have shot yourself in the foot before you even get through the door.  Know your audience and dress for the part.  Even if you are interviewing for a job in a casual environment, look professional!  It will signal to your prospective employer that you are respectful and are taking this opportunity seriously.

Save the crazy patterns for a night out with the girls!  Wearing loud, attention getting garb will probably result in you receiving the wrong kind of attention.  Yes, we know, you want to come across as a stand-out individual, but it’s probably best to look more classic & understated while allowing your dashing intellect and charm to set you apart (not that you don’t look great in your neon, scribble art blazer). We’re certainly not saying that you can’t show any style… If you’re looking to spice up your more conservative look, try accenting your outfit with a small accessory like a pair of earrings, a pin, a belt, or your shoes to reflect more of your personal flare.

torn jeans.jpgtorn jeans.jpgtorn jeans.jpg

money icon.jpgLook Them Straight in the Eye!

It sounds simple enough, but many don’t do it: MAKE EYE CONTACT! A candidate can look great on paper, but I can’t tell you enough that there is nothing more disconcerting than having someone avoid eye contact with you for thirty minutes.  Avoiding the eyes of the person that you’re talking with, makes you seem insincere and that you lack confidence.  Yikes! When you walk into an interview, make sure that you firmly shake hands with your prospective employer…and look them in the eyes.  When you are talking to them…look them in the eyes.  When you say goodbye, shake their hand again and, you guessed it…make eye contact!

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