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A Fab & Fru European Vacay!

By Claire Sheehan


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Sure, the Staycation may be popular this year. But if you’

re seeking a foreign adventure, the global recession just made traveling to Europe an affordable option!

If you’re looking for (literally) greener pastures, there’s no better place to visit than Ireland!  Take it from me, as a Fab & Fru girl who spent five months stretching her dollar to the max in Dublin, I can’t rave enough about my family’s native city and Ireland’s capital!  Dublin is filled with magical fun and magnificent people.  It’s easy to take inexpensive day trips to neighboring villages, historical sites, and to Ireland’s strikingly green countryside.  As the locals say, Dublin is the place to find some great ‘craic’

– the Irish word for a good time!

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travel icon.jpg Northside of the City

Fab & Fru Tip: The Northside of town is a cultural gem and is typically cheaper than the Southside & the City Centre!

Moore Street. Travel across one of the famed bridges over the Liffey River and onto Moore Street- home to the famous Moore Street Market.  Pushcarts line the street creating a bustling farmers market where you can participate in the culture, do some fantastic people watching, and pick up some great affordable eats for an afternoon picnic.   While little old Irish ladies sell their goods in the street, the storefronts are home to shops that house Middle Eastern, Asian, African and Eastern European exports.  If you are staying in a place with a kitchen, this is definitely the place to get fresh cheap groceries!

O’Connell Street. On the north side of the Liffey, the 1920’s architecture of O’Connell Street creates a cozy intimate setting. The median is home to monuments dedicated to Irish leaders and the center of the street is home to two MUST SEE SITES: the Millennium Spire and the General Post Office (GPO). From O’Connell Street, many of the Northside’s cultural attractions can be reached, like the famed Abbey Theatre, its offshoot- the Peacock, St. Mary’

s Pro-Cathedral, the Garden of Remembrance and the Dublin Writers Museum.


travel icon.jpg The City Centre

*The Temple Bar.  With it’s vibrant shopping, bar & restaurant scene, the Temple Bar is Dublin’s modern day cultural centre. However, although this must see part of town is totally fabulous, it’s anything but frugal! Be Warned: This is a look but don’t touch part of town. –So, why not just skip it altogether? Temple Bar is home to much of the city’s art scene including the Irish Film Institute, The Project Arts Centre, the Temple Bar Music Centre and the Gallery of Photography.  Site see all you want, but if you’re trying to stretch your buck, don’

t take out your wallet!

St. Stephen’s Green.  Located just south of Trinity College and the shopping area of Grafton Street, the park is centrally located and one of the prettiest, well kept public parks in the city.  The Green is also home to many busts and statues of some of Ireland’

s historical figures, as well as a Braille Garden with scented plants that are labeled for the blind. This is a great spot for a picnic!

*Dublin Castle. Part museum and part functioning state office. The tourist facilities are a must for anyone with any interest in Irish history and it also contains a large collection of fine art, housed in the Chester Beatty Library. The Chester Beatty Library, as well as the Garda Museum (Police Museum) are FREE admission.

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