Celebratory Sangria


Sangria is my favorite summer drink, and not just because it is inexpensive to make.  The fruity, bubbly beverage is a special treat, and that is what the focus will be on!  Trust us – no one will be thinking about the frugal price tag – just the fabulous taste!


I love “Real” brand Sangria – this is my base.  The fruit infused red wine goes a long way, because you stretch it with soda and juice.   You can usually buy large bottles of  “Real”

for under ten bucks.

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Just chill the Real Sangria, along with some Seven-Up and Orange Juice.  Slice up some fruit – whatever is not too pricey – oranges usually work well (keep the rind on so people can easily pull them out and eat if they want to).  Mix the chilled beverages together in a large punch bowl with the sliced fruit, and serve – that’s all there it to it!  Nobody needs to know (unless they too have read this article) that you used a cheap store bought base for your beverage – all they’

ll know is that it is delicious!  And the red color will fit in perfectly with your Independence Day color scheme.

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