Sweet & Sour Savings

A Grocery Shopping Trick of the Trade


I’ve been reading up lately on how to save money while grocery shopping.  The one tip I keep coming across is to look to the top and bottom shelves to find the deals!  Pricier goods are placed at eye level in the grocery, and big companies pay a huge premium to make sure that you see their items first.  Yesterday, I tested out the theory for myself, and I have to say– it was a Fab & Fru victory!

I will often dash into the store and pick up a prepared marinade to throw over chicken – easy for dinner and even the boys will eat it.  The marinades I usually grab are – you guessed it – the ones at eye level.  I had never bothered to look on the top shelf (or the bottom one for that matter).  Yesterday, I gazed upward and my eyes fell upon a can of Contadina Sweet and Sour Sauce.  It was packaged in a non-descript red can- much less outwardly enticing than the bevy of bottled marinades at eye level and less expensive than many of them too. $2.29 a can!

I decided to put my research to work, and I bought the sauce!   Contadina even provided a delish recipe under the label that I doctored up by adding some chopped red pepper and onions to the sauce.  I poured the mixture over four chicken breasts, covered the pan, and baked it at 350 for 45 minutes.  It was UNBELIEVABLY delicious – more so than pricier sauces I have bought in the past.  And – to add to the glory – it was actually good for you!  With only 40 calories per serving, 1 gram of fat and no cholesterol, I was really feeling it.

So — the next time you go grocery shopping, take a second to stretch your neck and you just might end up stretching your dollars too!

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  1. melissa xm says:

    I’ve been stretching my neck alot lately. Spices are very expensive but if you shop in the ethnic aisle you’ll find spices in bags and maybe brand names you’ve never heard of but they are less than half the price of spices in the spice aisle. McCormick cinnamon sticks $5.00, Iberia $.99, and no one could tell the difference in their hot cider.

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