Don’t Let Your Gift Cards Go To Waste

Do you have unused gift cards lying around?  Well, it’s time to put them to good use!

Holiday gift cards are a big business. According to the National Retailers Federation (NRF), sales of gift cards reached almost $25 billion in 2008. A new NRF study shows that 55.2% of adults are hoping to receive a gift card this year. However, many households still have unused gift cards from the last holiday season. According to a new Consumer Reports survey, 25% of adults that received a gift card in 2008 have yet to redeem at least one of the cards.

Most of us don’t realize, but many gift cards have an expiration date, and many cards start deducting monthly fees after a certain period of time.  So, whether you want to treat yourself or get a jumpstart on holiday shopping, put your gift card dollars to good Fab & Fru- use before it’s too late!

For more great info read Lita Epstein’s entire article Beware the Hidden Costs of Gift Cards.

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3 Responses to “Don’t Let Your Gift Cards Go To Waste”

  1. Peter says:

    Actually, the $25 billion figure is JUST for the holiday season. Overall, sales reached almost $100 billion for the entire year of 2008. Breakage, the amount left on gift cards is estimated at 10%, or $10 billion for 2008. That doesn’t include the money lost in fees which are accrued when they are not used, which is quite a large sum as well.

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