Cheap vs Frugal


Has anyone ever called you cheap?  Do you know anyone who is penny-wise but pound foolish? What does it actually mean to be frugal?  From a potential social faux pas to a major  financial decision- LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!  While frugality may be in vogue, being cheap is never in style.  Each week, we’ll post a scenario and let the forum decide- is the story frugal.. or just cheap? What do you think?!

THIS WEEK: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is….

How Far Would You Go to Save on Dental Care?

I grind my teeth at night…  It’s a terrible problem that I’ve had on and off throughout stressful times in my life, but I’ve always scoffed at dentists who’ve tried to charge as much as $1500 for a mouth guard.  It seems like just another way for them to make a TON of money.  At this point, it’s gotten so bad, that I have to deal with the  fact that I’m really damaging my teeth, but I just can’t bring myself to pay $600 for a small piece of plastic.  So, when a close friend suggested her neighbor, a dental technician,  who could make me a mouthguard for $100 I jumped at the chance.  It seemed like a great deal, but when I stopped at his house to do the molds I was shocked to discover we were doing this in his garage… his DIRTY garage, filled with dental contraptions that looked like something from medieval times.   The space clearly hasn’t been cleaned since 1962, the yard is in shambles  and the house a total mess, but I did it anyway.  So,  am I cheap or frugal?  It’s been 2-days and I’m still trying to decide…

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2 Responses to “Cheap vs Frugal”

  1. rick savitt says:

    $100 sounds too expensive even for a garage. Go to the local drug store and purchase a nite mouth guard kit. Just takes some instructional reading, boiling water, self pour and fit, and your off and sleeping. Trust me, doing it for years.
    As for the off-putting garage, a little alcohol soak works wonders before use, but save the $$ and do it yourself.

    • wendy says:

      i agree with rick. there are kits at the drugstore or walmart that are a lot cheaper that you can do at home. wearing a nite guard is important. i clench my teeth & the night guards help a lot. i once paid $700 for one my dentist made (like 10 yrs ago) now i buy them myself & do it at home. best of luck!!!!!

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