Pack Your Own Meals & Snacks For The Plane!

Airport food, and now airplane food, is outrageously expensive!  If you’re flying coach, you will not get a meal on the plane without paying for it.   Save big by packing your own sandwiches and snacks for your flight.  Remember, you won’t be able to take any beverages through airport security- so leave the drinks behind.

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One Response to “Pack Your Own Meals & Snacks For The Plane!”

  1. MYRSPC says:

    I work at the airport, and yes, pack your carrots, celery sticks or bagle chips to get your crunch on. Another good idea is to take your own beverage flavoring (powders on the go), you’ll get free water on the plane, or airport concessionaries (not bottled, of course) If you make your own sandwich, it will be better than the ones at the airport (for sure) ;-)

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