The Dollars & Scents of Seduction

Entice Your Honey with Chocolate & Vanilla

By Kathy Pape– February 4, 2010

scents of seduction

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it seems fitting to discuss the power of fragrance.  Isn’t Feb 14th all about surrounding oneself with the the scent of flowers, decadent food and (hopefully!) good memories?  Scientists have proven that our sense of smell is our most powerful form of memory  – and actually triggers our emotions! Because scent has the power to pull on our heart strings, and Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, Fab & Fru set out to find which fragrances will give you the most bang for your buck. It turns out the sweetest staples of childhood — vanilla and chocolate — are the top two picks!

Personally, the smell of vanilla reminds me of baking cookies with my mother as a little girl.  This is what perfumers call a “scent memory,” when a familiar scent reminds you of a special place, a wonderful time in your life, or a favorite person.  In fact, scent is why I dragged my son’s blanket across the country with me on a business trip.  The smell of it made me feel close to him. (Let’s face it, we also all have negative scent memories too! An ex-boyfriend’s cologne or that musk that your mean math teacher wore too much of? But for now let’s focus on the positive…)

dollars & scents of seduction“Studies show that men associate the scent of vanilla with love,” says our Fab & Fru fragrance expert, Jane Hendler, founder of Organic Parfumerie Ajne Rare & Precious. “The history of Vanilla goes all the way back to the Aztecs who drank it with chocolate and swore by it’s power of seduction.  In modern times, neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch has scientifically proven that vanilla is the number one fragrance that attracts men!”

And speaking of chocolate, Hendler tells us the Aztecs were actually onto something. “Chocolate contains chemicals associated with feelings of happiness, love, passion, lust, and stamina”.  Many consider it a powerful aphrodisiac and cacao (cocoa) is found in many popular fragrances, including many of Ajne’s. The word Cacao means “food of the gods” and the Mayans actually worshiped the magical bean.  Researchers have spent years studying the effects of chocolate and whether it can truly be classified as an aphrodisiac.  While they haven’t proved that it causes feelings of sexual arousal, scientists have agreed that chocolate does release serotonin into the body, causing a rapid mood change, a rise in blood pressure and feelings of well being that are usually associated with love.

scents of seduction cookiesLadies, did you know that your sense of smell acts directly on the limbic system, which regulates emotions and memory? A study by the Fragrance Institute shows the average person can actually recognize about 10,000 fragrances, and can recall smells with 65% accuracy after one year of smelling them.  This is amazing when we compare it to the rate we recall images, which is just 50% accuracy- 3 months after we see them.

There’s a reason delicious smelling chocolate, perfume and candles are popular gifts for Valentine’s Day, and it seems we should all be adding a little more cocoa and vanilla to our daily lives.  Both scents make us happy, attract the opposite sex and give us a feeling of well being. And best of all- they’re Fab & Fru! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to smell sweet.  Just dab a little vanilla extract on your wrist the next time you have a date, or try baking some chocolate chip cookies to get your honey in the mood…

Aside from raiding your pantry for vanilla extract, there are other reasonably priced ways to wear vanilla. Some of our friends’ favorites include: the Vanilla eau de Toilette from The Body Shop, and Bath and Body Works  Warm Vanilla Sugar.  And you know I just love the drugstore brand St. Ives.  They make a Swiss Vanilla lotion that will only set you back a few bucks, yet give your whole body a light flavor you will love!

dollars and scents of seductionWe’ve found a ton of D.I.Y recipes online for making your own vanilla extract perfumes, and we want to know – have any of our readers ever experimented with making their own Fab & Fru perfume? How good (or bad) did your scents turn out? Here’s to a sweet smelling Valentine’s Day! Sending lots of LOVE to all our readers!  xoxo

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  1. Wendy says:

    I have read that pumpkin and lavender are the two scents that are seductive to men.

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