Cheap vs Frugal

lots of baggage


Kathy’s husband is an extremely hardworking television news photographer.  She swears he’s a wonderful generous man, but he’s never quite grasped the etiquette of how much (or not) to tip service providers.  On one of his last assignments out of town, his social confusion caught up to him big time!

After unloading a 35-pound camera, a tripod with a 50-pound case, another case filled with batteries, chargers, and a computer, he and his reporter filled out the paperwork and left the equipment with the Skycap without giving him a tip.  As they walked away the skycap called out to my friend, “Sir, this is a complimentary Skycap service.”   Kathy’s well-meaning man replied “Yes, thank you” and kept walking.  The Skycap repeated.  “SIR, this is a COMPLIMENTARY skycap service.”  Still confused, he didn’t understand until his reporter pulled out a some cash and handed it to the man.

Of course, whether the airlines charges a fee for skycap service or not, that money is going to the airline – not to the baggage handler.  So, what is your tip obligation to a skycap?  Is tipping optional – or always necessary? How much do you tip per bag?  Is Kathy’s husband cheap, frugal or just confused?

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