Container Set & Insulated Lunch Bag!

Calling All Mom’s & All Adults who love to save money and calories by bringing your lunch to work! is giving away an Easy Lunchbox System (including a 4-part container pack plus an insulated lunch bag) to one lucky member of the Fab & Fru mailing list. –Winner choose your color!

If your not on our mailing list, sign up by Monday March 29th for your chance to win!

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3 Responses to “Container Set & Insulated Lunch Bag!”

  1. With 4 kids eating at school lunches, this would be PERFECT!!!!!!

  2. Jen Brown says:

    This is really cool, neat & organized ; I love the colors!

  3. Lesley Fisher says:

    WOW…could I use THAT kind of organization for my lunch! I usually throw my loose lunch items in my giant work bag and end up with bruised fruite and smashed sandwiches!

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