Global Girlfriend

Changing Lives Around the World Through Fashion


Shop at Target and help save the world? Now that sounds Fabulous & Frugal!  With the debut of Global Girlfriend products at, you can help women worldwide while giving an affordable boost to your own wardrobe!

I was trolling through after perusing the new Jean-Paul Gaultier for Target collection (how do you say “disappointing” in French?) when something unique caught my eye.  It was a glistening, sequined pouch (Sinless Sequin Pouch $14.99) that would end up inspiring me in more ways than one .…. GG purse 2

This fab bag – as well as lots of other gorgeous accessories – were all from a line called Global Girlfriend.  All of their items are handmade and benefit women’s organizations around the world.  Many disadvantaged women “desperately try to make a living selling their goods, but find they have no access to market opportunities.”  But now, Global Girlfriend brings their stunning work directly to you!

In addition to the accessories featured on, their site has a much larger selection, including apparel. Their website is also a great place to learn more about women worldwide, including those your purchases will be benefiting.  For instance, did you know that women are the poorest of the world’s poor – with nearly 900 million women living on less than a dollar a day? Your purchase of a Global Girlfriend product will help women around the world to help themselves economically, which of course positively affects their lives in so many far-reaching ways.

So the next time you are on, just think – in addition to the mindless reordering of household basics, you can help a global girlfriend out.  Here are some of our top picks from the online Target collection:

Global Girlfriend Necklace 1

Bead True Necklace, $19.99

Global Girlfriend Tote

Laptop Computer Bag $39.99

Global Girlfriend Scarf

A Spot Of Good Scarf, $24.99

Global Girlfriend Necklace 2

Macrame Necklace, $17.99

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2 Responses to “Global Girlfriend”

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you so much for writing this wonderful article. It is great to see large companies like Target getting on board with Fair Trade! Bravo Target. Bravo Fabulous and Frugal for spreading the word.

    Please note that there are many fair trade organisations out there, large and small that are doing the same thing. Helping artisans around the world, especially women, acheive the art of self reliance.


  2. Erin says:

    This is wonderful, I already shop at Target, this just makes me want to shop there more often!

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