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by Brandi Savitt & Stephanie Berenbaum- March 17, 2010

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Can You Choose To Be A Luckier Person?

Yesterday morning I was walking through the West Village on my way to the office, when a crumpled up piece of green and white paper caught my eye.  Money!  There it was, a dollar bill that someone accidentally tossed away with their dirty napkin onto a pile of garbage awaiting pickup at the curb.  No one else was there to claim it but me.  It was my lucky day!

Now, you might say – relax girl, it’s just a dollar!  But the truth is, how often do you find paper money waiting for you on the streets of New York City?!  People must drop money all the time in the City, but there’s also ALWAYS someone there to find it.  So the way I look at it, I was in the right place at the right time, saw an opportunity and seized the moment…

Between St. Patrick’s Day, my score of a $1 bill, and our constant low hum thoughts about money, Steph and I found ourselves thinking about luck more than ever this week and decided to write about it together.  Steph…

Hello, Steph here. Being something of a control freak, the idea of luck has always sort of tormented me.  I mean, I love the idea of good fortune lapping at you like a little puppy, but I hated the notion that our lives were left to such chance.  Or maybe I just hadn’t been looking at it the right way…

FindingMoneyI remember once reading a quote from Sofia Loren that made me feel better about the role luck might play in our lives. It was basically (and I am paraphrasing here..)  something about how she believes in luck, but that one also needs to know how to grab at luck.  Besides all of her other fabulous qualities, I also admired her views on good fortune – her perspective made me feel like I had at least something to do with if luck came my way or not!

The more Brandi and I talked about it, the more we’ve became convinced that we could actually choose to be lucky or unlucky!  Have you ever noticed that it’s always the down in the dumps people who seem to be commenting on how they “never win anything” or “why does this always happen to me” – you know the type!  And have you also noticed that some of the “luckiest” people you know are also some of the most positive people you know? I guess it is sort of a chicken and egg scenario, except that I think (again, maybe this is just the control freak in me) that the person controls the luck, not the other way around!

Take two people who are both equally hardworking and smart.  However, one person is more dour and unsocial while the other is more light-hearted and loves to meet new people.  Have you ever noticed that the more fun loving and carefree person always seems to have more ‘lucky’ things happen to them? Ok, you get our point.  So, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, what can you do to turn yourself into a luckier person?

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