Mama Maria’s Spanish Tortilla

The Ultimate Spanish Tradition for Every Meal

When I spent a semester of college studying in Valencia, Spain, I lived in the home of a woman named Maria. Although not every meal was a culinary awakening for me, Maria did make two dishes superbly well: Paella and Tortilla Española.  Traditionally made with just eggs, onion and potato, Maria served a version of her simple specialty at least twice a week.  She would serve it with a salad for a light dinner, breakfast on the weekend, or she’d slice the leftovers cold, lay them on the bottom half of an sliced open baguette and  top it  with a few roasted peppers – making one my favorite sandwiches (or bocadillos) of all time!  It was delicious any time of day – and an added bonus – you can make it the day before and it keeps beautifully!  Whether you add greens for a veggie twist or make it the traditional way, you can’t go wrong with this Fab & Fru meal!


*The key to making tortilla is to use more veggies than egg! ** Tortilla is thick so make sure to use a frying pan that has a little height.

2 Eggs (beaten)

Splash of Milk

1 Small Onion

1 Medium Potato

A Small Bunch of Fresh Spinach or Swiss Chard (optional)

Olive Oil



Cut both the onion and potato in half and thinly slice.  Generously coat the bottom of a medium size frying pan or skillet with olive oil (use enough so you can easily flip the tortilla in a few minutes). Sauté the onion and potato until both are cooked through but not brown.  While that is cooking, chop the greens into thin strips and add to the pan before the onion and potato begin to brown.  Whip the eggs,  milk, salt and pepper  with a fork and pour into the pan on.  Cook as thoroughly as possible.  Then take a large plate and carefully slide the tortilla onto the plate (do not try to flip it directly from the pan).  Take another large plate and carefully turn over the tortilla, remove the top plate and gently slide the uncooked side back into the frying pan.  Cook until golden brown. Once again, gently slide the cooked tortilla onto a plate and serve!

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