I Saw It Cheaper In Another Store…

Our friend Ava was shopping around for a new hair stylist in Las Vegas and was visiting different salons to get a feel for the atmosphere and the quality of their work.  At the first salon that she visited, Ava bought some of her favorite shampoo and conditioner which was pricey at $54.95.   Then she drove across town and visited another salon where they sold the same products for $10 less!  Ava was torn.  Should she drive all the way back across town and return the products?  Should she call the first salon and explain that their competitor was selling the product for $10 less?  Should she ask for a refund?

In the end Ava decided to drive all the way back to the salon and return the shampoo.  They graciously offered to refund the difference (though they didn’t lower their prices).  What do you think?  Was Ava cheap?  How far would you go to save $10?

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One Response to “I Saw It Cheaper In Another Store…”

  1. Liz says:

    Ava was smart. Ten and ten is twenty, and so on. It all adds up. Save where you can. Unless driving across town takes a tank of gas, I would have returned it also to save the ten bucks.

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