Win A Pair Of Lager Glasses From Spiegelau’s Beer Classics

SIGN UP NOW for the Fab & Fru weekly newsletter and automatically enter for your chance to WIN TWO ULTRA SLEEK LAGER GLASSES from Spiegelau’s Beer Classics!  Nothing goes with barbecue quite like beer! And if you’re drinking your beer straight from the bottle, you’re actually missing out on some of its taste and aromas!

Spiegelau’s Beer Classics collection includes four different styles of beer glasses (wheat, lager, stemmed pilsner and tall pilsner), and each glass is designed to enhance the enjoyment of their namesake beers. The shape showcases the varying flavors of the grains, yeast and hops used in the different styles of beer, channeling the aroma and preserving the frothy head and volatiles. The sleek design is superior to old chunky steins and these stylish glasses are completely dishwasher safe.

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