Do You Shop Too Much?

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The other day I had the pleasure of speaking with Fab therapist Angela Wurtzel who specializes in treating Compulsive Shoppers.  She helps her clients “explore the deeper deprivation that lies below all of the stuff and things a person may indulge in by shopping and spending.” But, lots of our readers want to know,  how do you know if you really have a compulsive shopping problem — or if you are just indulging in a little harmless retail therapy here and there?

Take Angela’s  short quiz to help you determine if you might have a Compulsive Shopping problem.  Put your credit card down, take a deep breath and answer the following questions – as honestly as possible!
  • A= Almost Always
  • O= Once in Awhile
  • I=Infrequently
  • N=Not at all
  1. Do you buy things you want even if you know at that moment you do not have the money to pay for it?
  2. Is it difficult for you to save money?
  3. When you have some “extra” cash that you could save, instead, you think of other things you would like to buy?
  4. Do you cheer yourself up or give yourself a reward by “going shopping”?
  5. Does more than a third of your income go to pay credit card bills (not including rent or mortgage payments)?
  6. Have you had to move credit lines because you typically don’t have the money to pay off your credit line?
  7. Do you pay the minimum balance on your credit card most of the time?
  8. Are you inclined to keep buying more of your favorite things- clothes, makeup, music, books, computer software, electronic gadgets – even though you do not have a specific need for them?
  9. When and if you have to say “NO” to yourself, or control yourself from buying something you really want, do you feel intensely deprived, angry or upset?

If you have four or more A’s and O’s, you have overspending tendencies. If you answered A or O to the last question, you are most likely someone who may grapple with compulsive shopping -this question seems to be the most potent indicator of a serious problem. On a positive note, just by taking this quiz you are making an important first step towards getting help!

For more information on compulsive shopping, please check out Angela’s site  We look forward to hearing more from our Fab & Fru friend in the future!

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