I’m Raising Money For…

Is It Okay to Say No to Supporting a Kid?

Claudia adores her God Daughter Chloe and has always generously supported her whenever she has sold cookies for Girl Scouts or raised money for any school event.  However, now Claudia’s niece, nephew plus her own daughter are of the age where they too are pounding the pavement raising money for their schools and other activities.  Claudia has spent over $100 in the last three weeks alone on all the kids different fundraising efforts!

Just a few days ago, Chloe called Claudia – for the second time this month – to tell her that she’s only $50 away from meeting her goal for an upcoming Cure for Cancer walk, and the walk was just two days away!  Could Claudia help her out?  Claudia kindly said no, but Chloe was devastated.

What do you do when all of the kids in your life ask you to support their fundraising efforts all at the same time and you can’t afford it?  Should there be a limit on how many times you can go to the same person for money- even if they’re close friends or family?  Was Claudia being cheap by not supporting Chloe even with a small donation?  Should she have spoken to Chloe’s mother first?  What do you think the friends and family money etiquette should be in these situations and how should the parents participate?

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One Response to “I’m Raising Money For…”

  1. Anita says:

    I think the parents of the kids should be aware of who their kids are selling to, and not let them over do it. When I find myself in this situation with kids I know, I feel better giving a little bit rather than nothing. If you know it is the time for Girl Scout cookies or the selling of wrapping paper etc,, I save my money for the kids I know and just buy a small amount from each so I can help support them all

Any Thoughts?