Travel Trouble

When Offered a Ride, Should You Always Chip in for Gas?

Traveling with friends can sometimes get tricky….

Our friend Jen recently returned from a  destination wedding in France.  It was fabulous, glamorous and yes – tres pricey.  At one point some of the guests were making plans to drive from Paris to the tiny town where the wedding was being held – a good 2 and a half hours away by car.  The alternative to the drive was a series of trains and buses traversing the country side in the blazing heat — which appealed to no one.  Jen and her friend Pierre decided it would be euros well spent to rent a car and drive.  Meanwhile, their friend Kelly was bemoaning the fact the she had spent most of her money just getting to France and really did not want to spend beaucoup bucks on a car…

She was about to board a bustling bus when she saw her friends Jen and Pierre piling into a rented car.  Thrilled at the prospect of hitching a ride, she asked if she could join them, and they happily said yes.  When they arrived at their destination, however, Kelly didn’t offer to chip in for the car rental or for any of the gas.  In her mind, Jen and Pierre knew she was short in funds, and because they were planning on renting the car anyway, they would have spent the same amount whether she was there or not.  However in their minds, Kelly was being totally cheap and should have at least offered to contribute something to the journey other than a thank you to Pierre for driving.  No one discussed the issue, but there was a bit of tension in the air..

Are Jen and Pierre being cheap for expecting Kelly to chip in after inviting her along? – after all they were already planning on spending the money on the car before they ran into Kelly – or is Kelly being cheap by not offering to pay at all?  What would you do and say in this situation?

Tell us what you think!

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5 Responses to “Travel Trouble”

  1. NJJ says:

    In all honesty no I don’t think that Jen and Pierre were being gypped especially since they weren’t going out of their way to help Kelly. The knew from her complaining that Kelly was short on funds which told them she might not have gas money

    If they wanted money for gas/car rental they should have been honest, upfront and said so BEFORE agreeing to give her a ride with them if that meant then their friendship. Just because she asked them for a ride doesn’t mean they had to comply You can’t do a good deed like giving someone a lift and expecting something in return, unless you are truly going out of your way to do so, which neither Jen nor Pierre were doing Had they had to go out of their way or to another destination to drop Kelly off I could see them feeling slighted but they were all going to the same place

  2. Callie says:

    Kelly is being VERY cheap by not offering to pay anything. At the very least she should pay forl the gas!

  3. Dan Gazarek says:

    Just my two cents, but Jen and Pierre are not cheap for expecting Kelly to chip in, but the money should not have been the main reason they agreed to let her hitch a ride. If Kelly does not offer at least what she would have spent between the buses and rails, then she is being cheap. At the end of the day, it is only money – oddly enough I have seen friendships end over such squabbles.

  4. carol says:

    Kelly should never have asked to join them in their rental car if she had no intention of offering to split the cost or at the very least, chip in for gas. If Kelly couldn’t afford the trip, she shouldn’t have gone.

  5. wren says:

    i think she should have atleast chipped in the amount that it would have cost her to go by her orginal mode of travel.

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