Save This Summer by Working Out Outdoors!

Take advantage of the warm weather and put your gym membership on hold. Run, bike, swim & row outside. Do dips on park benches, pull-ups on gymnastic rings, and swing from the monkey-bars! By moving your workouts to the park for the summer months, you’ll SAVE on fees while working new muscles!

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One Response to “Save This Summer by Working Out Outdoors!”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Absolutely! I gave up my gym membership more than a year ago and haven’t missed it a bit. I live in a warm climate, so I can work out outdoors most of the year (I just work out at home in the cold months), and I’ve found easy ways to do it. For instance, instead of having to set aside special workout time all the time, sometimes I combine it with other chores – like riding bikes instead of driving to nearby events (not only does it count for exercise for the day, but we don’t have to find or pay for parking!). It keeps things interesting and saves money!

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