Sleeping With A Penny Pincher

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Our friend Shelley absolutely loves her husband Pete.  Well, she loves everything about him….except his tendency to penny pinch!  When they got married, Shelley knew this would be the one thing about Pete that would really take some getting used to–so she decided to take matters into her own hands.  I guess you could say she started faking it – just a little bit! No, not in bed — but on their bills!

Even though they can afford to splurge occasionally on groceries, Pete doesn’t believe in EVER buying groceries at Whole Foods because it is so pricey, but Shelley really loves to shop there once and awhile and buy organic, upscale goodies.  Her solution?  She shops at Whole Foods anyway, but then transfer the groceries into some old Safeway bags before carrying them into the house.  She hasn’t spent enough that he would ever notice the difference, and this way she’s happy with her organic food, and he is blissfully ignorant thinking she’s shopping at bargain basement prices.

Some of our friends were horrified to find out about Shelley’s subversive shopping technique, while others think it’s a brilliant solution to cope with Pete’s cheapness — and keep the peace.  How would you handle it if you’re spouse was penny pincher?  Tell us what you think?!

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5 Responses to “Sleeping With A Penny Pincher”

  1. The ironic thing about this is that Safeway is one of the more inexpensive grocery stores. Often times Whole Foods is the same price, maybe even cheaper.

  2. Caroline says:

    Lying is never good. Lying and swithching bags is really deceptive and doesn’t address the problem. Sitting down and having a heart to heart and compromising is the thing to do. Communication is key to any relationship. You both need to be heard and understood. Clearly explain your feelings and listen while he explains his. Maybe the solution would be to go to Whole Foods every third grocery shopping. Or, try the organic section in the regular grocery store, or give up something once in a while and agree to use the savings at the more expensive store.

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  4. Mom2Michael says:

    Well, although seeking a discussed compromised would be the best solution, I don’t disagree with Shelley’s approach. Mostly because that would make me a hippocrite. I’ve been known to “round-down” a price when asked what something cost., for instance But mostly I just bring things in the house and put them away, so hubs doesn’t necessarily know what I’ve bought.

    Interestingly, I’m the more frugal one though. His splurges are just way more extreme and spaced out.

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