What’s In Store For You?

Mimi’s friend Allison owns a specialty gift store – filled with fab bath products, candles, beauty potions – everything a girl could want and more!  Mimi’s only complaint…  It seems whenever Alli has a gift to give, it always comes from her store.

Now, it’s not like her store is selling railroad ties or something – it is chock full of products that most women would be thrilled to receive.  However, Mimi, after a couple drinks one night, confided in us that she thought it was sort of cheap for Allison to only give presents to her friends from her store - no matter if for a hostess, birthday, or bridal shower gift.  Mimi went on to point out that it wasn’t like Allison gave more than others either – even though she probably gets everything for wholesale prices or less…

Some of our friends thought Mimi was being ridiculous – after all, shouldn’t the focus be on the thought behind the gift rather than how much the gift giver spent? One person pointed out that Allison only buys things to sell in her store that she would actually buy herself, so she is giving things she thinks are truly fab and has spent lots of time picking out (for the store anyway). However, Mimi argued that in addition to being sort of cheap, she thought it also made Allison look sort of lazy!  Some people agreed it felt like Allison wasn’t making a real effort, while others thought Mimi was overreacting and acting kind of petty.

Of course the next day, Mimi took it all back and said it was just the champagne talking…but was it?  Is Allison a cheap or frugal   gift giver?  Does Mimi have a point…or is she just ungrateful?

Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “What’s In Store For You?”

  1. Donica says:

    I’m all for Allison! If you put a lot of hard work into developing a talent, then by all means, share and give! Artists give paintings as gifts, knitters give socks & scarves as gifts, and if Allison wants to give gifts from the store she is invested in and maintains, then by all means do so!

    Gifts are really about sharing. Does it matter where it comes from? No one should feel stress and struggle financially or otherwise to give something to a friend for a celebration.

  2. Mackensey says:

    I’m for Allison, too. What is wrong with giving a gift from her store. Those are items she loved enough to buy and put her name on. Sounds like Mimi is rather spoiled and doesn’t really know what gift giving is about

  3. coco says:

    Being a small business owner myself, one who often gives products and certificates for treatments to friends as gifts, one of my first thoughts is that Allison probably is being frugal herself, in the good way, with her time and money by giving the gorgeous things she’s already done the research to find.
    I sometimes find myself in the dilemma – will they be sad if I *don’t* give a gift from my place? Or do they think it’s lazy?! Oh my…
    If Allison owns a gift store, I bet she’s putting some thought into which gift goes to who and giving sweetly.
    Yeah, we small business ladies might be missing out on the joy of shopping and wandering and coming upon that perfect thing, but we’re also saving precious time (running a business is a lot of work!) and sharing the things we love to share with the people we most love to share them with, our friends!
    And frankly, Allison’s friends are probably getting nicer gifts than if she went shopping because she can give herself a deal that other stores wouldn’t give her.

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