Guilty As Charged

After work last Friday a few of us ladies got together for a delicious meal and a couple drinks.  Because this group of old friends goes out together frequently, unless someone shows up late and doesn’t eat at all, we typically just split the bill evenly without even thinking about it.  Friday was no exception.  However, the next day I woke up remembering that our friend Julia is pregnant and didn’t drink a drop of wine!

I felt totally guilty that we all forgot to take the booze out of the bill splitting equation, but Julia paid up without saying a word.  None of us were paying attention, and no one meant to be inconsiderate. Why didn’t she remind us of the situation?  Should one of us go back and say something or should we assume that she was okay paying extra?  She is not struggling with money, and certainly is not afraid to speak up in situations regarding money, but that doesn’t mean she should pay way more than what she owes…

Is it our responsibility to go back and say something and reimburse her, or should she have mentioned at the time if she was uncomfortable paying a bit more? Should we feel guilty, or is this just a situation where it all works out over time anyway?

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One Response to “Guilty As Charged”

  1. Dixie says:

    Because I rarely drink, I am in this situation often. Julia probably felt uncomfortable say anything, but I am sure she would rather not pay for other’s wine. I would let the last dinner go, but next time exclude her from the split and have her pay for what she ordered plus tip, then split the bill.

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