The Pet & The Vet

I was talking with my friend Tammy the other day about my Maltese, Snowy, and the extremely expensive knee surgery she just had.  Tammy mentioned that her dog had recently had surgery on her leg as well, and that a few days after the operation her pooch, Precious, somehow removed her cone and tore the bandages right off, damaging the stitches and re-opening the wound!

In addition to the $200 bill for re-stitching the wound, the vet wanted to run an extra $200 worth of x-rays – just to make sure Precious didn’t undo any benefits of the recent surgery.  Having just spent $1,500 on her dog’s surgery, Tammy told the vet to forgo the x-rays — and she’d wait and see if any problems developed.  She was pretty sure Precious had only disturbed the stitches, and not any of the internal work.  Of course Tammy isn’t a vet, but that was just her gut feeling…

Obviously in a few weeks Tammy will know if her furry friend is okay or not …. The doctor said if she was still limping in a month to bring her back for further examination (including those x-rays)!  And though the doctor said it was up to Tammy whether to do the x-rays or not, it would certainly be the most thorough – and pricey – thing to do.

So, what’s (wo) man’s best friend worth? Is Tammy wrong not to have gone through with the x-rays, or is okay for her to trust her gut?  Was her decision frugal, or just doggone cheap?

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2 Responses to “The Pet & The Vet”

  1. David says:

    Snowy is worth every penny!

  2. Dixie says:

    I think, just as in medical care for humans, one has to get themselves informed about the condition. Doctors always suggest a multitude of tests and procedures that are not always necessary. Malpractice is big business and they need to protect themselves. Do your own research and find out if a procedure is really necessary before putting you or your animal through unnecessary procedures and expenses.

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