Trouble Brewing?

A couple of years ago, Alexis and four of her office mates started pooling together spare change from their pockets & coffee runs and putting then into a collective kitty.  Great idea! The concept works on the honor system, meaning if someone takes out $2 out for an iced coffee, they will replace at some point by putting in more spare change throughout the week.  Up until now the experiment has been working fabulously, that is, until Beth was transferred to another department and Jeannie took her place.

A prolific coffee drinker, Jeannie loved the concept of the coffee kitty too.  The problem: Jeannie has a major triple caramel macchiato habit!  Her coffee runs cost at least double what her office mates were spending – but with the same amount of left over change.  She also seemed a little bit lax about replenishing the kitty – which ordinarily wouldn’t have been a big deal, but was starting to bug her co-workers due to the high priced nature of her caffeine habit! A couple of the ladies wanted to say something to Jeannie, but Alexis thought it would be petty and cheap to say anything – it was just a few bucks here and there – even if it was starting to add up.  The last thing she wanted was to turn the office coffee kitty into a growling tiger of an issue!  What do you think Alexis and her co-workers should do?

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One Response to “Trouble Brewing?”

  1. Mary says:

    Go back to everyone paying for their own coffee. The kitty is only going to cause trouble cause not everyone is honest. Better not to make it an issue, but find a way to end the kitty and everyone pay for their own when they get coffee.

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