When It Pays To Spend More

Why Quality & Service Count

We live in a bottom line society.  When most of us go shopping, we are focused on finding the best deal and spending as little as possible at the moment of purchase without investigating the value of a slightly more expensive item.  Of course being treated well is nice, but if you’re on a budget- it’s just not something you can afford, right?  However, the best deals are not always the cheapest ones, and sometimes paying a little bit more upfront for quality and customer service will totally pay off in the long run. Check out these Fab & Fru deals- in disguise -that may seem like a luxury you don’t want to pay for on the surface, but actually just may be the smarter buy at the end of the day!

The Apple of My Eye!

Have you ever been to an Apple store?  It’s truly an impressive experience- free classes, a screening room, and don’t forget the Genius Bar!  NO, as much as I’d like to be, I am not a spokesperson for Apple!  However, I am a very satisfied Mac user, and here is why….

For months, the battery life of my two-year old laptop has totaled about 2-5 minutes of functionality before needing to be recharged. Finally, last week, in my preparation for my working vacation, I got it together to take my computer in for repair.  Sounds costly, doesn’t it?  Not when you have a genius at your fingertips!

Apple offers an amazing service for its customers.  You can call up or make an appointment online to go and get a free one on one diagnostic from a Mac specialist at any Apple store around the country.  So I did.  I showed for my appointment at the busy Soho store, and in a few minutes I was up at the counter with my assigned genius!

I told him that I needed a new battery, but he wanted to run a full diagnostic to make sure that nothing else was wrong with the computer.  While he ran the tests, he gave me a bunch of friendly advice on how to use tools on my computer that I didn’t even know existed.  A few minutes later, he determined that all I needed was a new battery.  Because I had an extended warranty on the machine, he went ahead and replaced my battery on the spot for free.  If I didn’t have Apple Care, I would have had to pay for the new battery, but not the service!

Now, the geniuses at the Apple Store cannot fix all of your technical problems, but their free service is an excellent resource and the first place any Apple user should go if they’re having an issue with any of the company’s products.  Although many people think that PC’s are much cheaper than Apples, after this experience, I respectfully disagree.  Not only do I believe I paid for a computer that I know will last for years, the service that Apple provides its customers has proven to be worth its weight in gold!

The Mani Pedi Experience!

If you want to get your nails done on the cheap in New York City, you can walk into a nail salon at almost every corner without an appointment.  However, as an experienced pedicure enthusiast, I believe it totally pays to spend the ten to fifteen dollars more for a higher quality job, and here’s why.

Whenever I get a cheap pedicure, I spend fifteen unrelaxing minutes in the chair wondering how unsanitary the facility is and how no one really cares if I am enjoying my experience-and I’m not.  Then a week later my pedicure looks like crap, and I realize that I could have filed and painted my toenails myself!

However, for $10 more, I can go to the place three blocks from my apartment, get a great foot massage and a pedicure that lasts 3-4 weeks.   If you’re somebody that gets your nails done once a week, considering paying more for a better service, you will save time and money by cutting your nail visits down by more than half!

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4 Responses to “When It Pays To Spend More”

  1. Carlita says:

    You are so right. I live in the Midwest and shop at Von Maur sometimes. They are very much into customer service and wrap and ship purchases for free. Like you said, their simple alterations are free and if you are short like me and need your pants hemmed, this can really save you time and aggravation and $.

  2. Denise says:

    Definitely agree with all of these things! Especially – the Apple piece – Nothing beats the Apple Care Plan and I typically hate extended service/warranty plans. Great post!

  3. Bobbi says:

    Even though I am the Queen of Bargains I totally agree with you. I wrote an article entitled, “When is an expensive haircut a bargain.” Just because something is cheap doesn’t make it worthwhile. Sometimes you need to pay the extra bucks to get something you really want that will last a long time. Something that only lasts a week that you paid $10 for is more expensive than something you paid $40 for that lasts 2 months. How much does it really cost in the long run?


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