Cheap Childcare?

Our friend Hillary has two adorable children.  Recently, she decided to start looking around for another babysitter to add to the mix, just in case their usual sitter was booked.  Hillary typically pays her sitter  $15/hour – pretty standard for the Los Angeles neighborhood she lives in.  Through an ad on Craig’s List, she  met Candice, a new babysitter who had just moved to the area from a small town in Utah.  Hillary loved Candice, and told her she wanted to hire her to sit on ‘date nights’.  So far, so good!

Candice then volunteered the information that she was new to L.A. and was not sure of the LA going rate, but back in Utah she charged $10 an hour.  Seizing a ‘get it for less’ moment, Hillary offered Candice $12 an hour.  She figured that it was a win-win because Candice would be making more than she was used to, and she would be paying less for a sitter than she had in years!  Once Hillary’s friends started hearing about her new ‘cheap’ childcare, some wanted her number, while others were horrified that Hillary was taking advantage of an innocent newcomer.

Was Hillary acting cheap by taking advantage of Candice’s lack of knowledge of the LA market? Or was it a fair negotiation and up to Candice to say she wanted more money?  What do you think?

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2 Responses to “Cheap Childcare?”

  1. Haya says:

    It was a fair negoioation and up to Candice to speak up if she wanted more money. When you advertise for a job you should know what the going rate is. If less money is fine with you then it is fine with you. Not everyone needs to charge the same rate.

  2. Rick says:

    Sure it’s fair to negotiate, but beware of losing this Gem once she catches on. The way to handle this is to bring her up to speed if you’re really satisfied with her, after a reasonible time period. Also, understand that money is not always everything and the way you treat her and make her comfortable also means a lot on the fringe side. People work and do things for people they like and are comfortable with.

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