Inside Tips From Hollywood Stylists

by Kathy Pape – September 7, 2010

Update Your Wardrobe from the Inside Out

Goodbye summer and hello fall – my favorite time of year!  After countless record breaking heatwaves this  summer, I’m more than excited to spend some time outside wearing jeans and a sweater again.  And even though I’m trying to stick to a budget, I can’t help but pour through the September issues looking for ways to update my look.   Luckily, my good friend Laura Farris Schuffman and her partner Saba Salehi are Hollywood stylists who work for ABC Family!  Thank goodness they shared with me some great Fab & Fru ways we can all look camera ready for fall!

Invest in Shape Wear

The stars may be skinny – and they tend to have better bodies than most of us other humans – but Saba and Laura say the secret to styling is dressing from the inside out.  My one pair of Spanx from years ago still works wonders under a dress, but now there are all kinds of undergarments that you can wear under pants and jeans to hide your trouble areas from the bottom up.  Believe me – shape wear and other under garments have come a long way since grandma’s girdle (though, as usual, grandma did have the right idea)! Purchasing the right bra, slip, minimizer or form shaper is Hollywood’s secret weapon to wardrobe success.  These hidden tools not only help keep things in place, they’ll make all of your clothes look, fit and feel better – so suck it up…and in!

Invest in the Right Pieces

Laura and Saba are preaching to the choir here (Steph and I have both written about how jeans are worth the splurge.)  They suggest spending the most on good quality jeans and pants. This makes such a difference in both the fit and the lifespan of the garment. Accessories and seasonal trends, such as tights and faux furs, are a great way to take advantage of the more inexpensive stores. It is so important to know where to spend your money when it comes to clothing!

Find a Great Tailor!

Brandi and I both swear by this.  I bought a cute sundress on sale that I never wore because it just didn’t fit right. A few nips, tucks & a couple of bucks from my tailor, my dress now looks like a million bucks!

The stars look better in their clothes because they TAILOR their wardrobe to fit their bodies!  Saba and Laura are constantly going to fittings with the stars, and they swear by taking a jacket in a few inches or letting out the waist on a pair of pants, you can make a huge difference. Take advantage of department stores free alterations or find someone in your neighborhood whom you trust (your local dry cleaner may be perfect!).  Simple alterations should be quick, inexpensive & totally worth it!

Play with Proportions

This keeps everything in relative balance.  I have friends who can wear skinny jeans and a tight shirt, but my muffin top defies any hopes of that look for me.  But Laura & Saba taught me that my perfect skinny jeans look is to pair them with a loose tunic blouse that hits mid thigh.  It takes some trial and error to figure out what cuts and styles look best on your body type, but once you figure that out you’ll have the foundation to finding all of your go-to outfits!

Follow Trends Wisely

Although many of us try to follow every single trend that enters the market, STOP…in the name of style!  Not every trend is meant for every body type and every personality…seriously.  Only incorporate the trends that you look good wearing. Lace leggings may look cute on the runway (beneath a $5,000 skirt), but very few of us can or should try to pull off that look. The key to looking great is finding the perfect fashion that balances style while accentuating your best features!

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