No Gifts Please?

Last weekend our friends Sophie & Catlin were invited to their friend Ann’s 3oth birthday.   Ann’s boyfriend Kurt was cooking up a storm for the occasion, and a surprise dinner was to be served at 8pm sharp.  Kurt explicitly wrote on the evite- No Gifts- just be there by 7:30 so you’re in time for the surprise!

Sophie & Catlin shared a taxi and arrived at the party together.  Sophie followed Kurt’s instructions and did not bring any gifts, but when Catlin walked into the apartment, she presented Kurt with a nice bottle of wine. Sophie looked shocked and was annoyed that Catlin didn’t tell her she was bringing wine.   Catlin was shocked that Sophie showed up to a dinner party completely empty handed!  Sophie was mortified and felt cheap that she didn’t bring a hostess gift.  But was she wrong or just following Kurt’s request?   Does no gifts mean just birthday gifts or does it mean ALL gifts of any kind?  What is the right thing to do in this situation?

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3 Responses to “No Gifts Please?”

  1. Beauty Blvd says:

    I don’t consider bringing wine to a birthday dinner party a gift. I think no gifts means no sweaters, ties, wallets, watches, etc. But a bottle of wine that everyone will enjoy with dinner is not a birthday gift.

  2. Lissa says:

    You should never go empty handed to someones house when they are having you over for dinner. A host or hostess gift, no matter how small is appropriate, and is different from a birthday gift.

  3. The most frugal & fitting to say thank you for having me is to present your host or hostess with a bottle of wine. It’s no gift; simply a mere gesture of appreciation that should be deemed appropriate.

    Great site! ;-)

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