Testing, Testing 1-2-3!

Last weekend, Marianne and Joslyn were shopping together and decided to pop into the corner CVS to pick up some basic beauty supplies before heading home.  After picking out a bath gel and an exfoliant, Marianne joined Joslyn in the makeup aisle to help her pick out a new shade of lipstick.  However, when Marianne walked up to friend, Joslyn had  several several streaks of different shades of red lipstick on her hand and was applying another to her lips.

Marianne noticed the store carried no test samples, and Joslyn had opened several sealed lipsticks to test for the perfect color.  Marianne asked her, “are you going to buy all of those?  You can’t just try them and put them back on the shelf for the next unassuming person- that’s disgusting!”  Joslyn laughed and said- “Why should I waste my money on something when I can’t even see the color through the packaging?  The companies and the drugstore expect people to this.  They aren’t even supplying test samples.  It’s okay.  Everyone does it Mare!”

Joslyn tidied up her mess, picked her favorite shade and brought it to the cash register.  Marianne was stunned, and went to pay for her own products.  Is Joslyn cheap for assuming when there are no test samples, the store allows you create your own and leave the ‘unidentified samples’ for the next customer?  Or is Marianne right to think that opening sealed products, testing them and putting them back on the shelf is a form or stealing and defacing a product?

Tell us what you think!

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3 Responses to “Testing, Testing 1-2-3!”

  1. Carla says:

    I think Marianne is right. Although a frugal (not cheap), but definitely a wrong thing to do, I think trying all these lipsticks is a form of stealing and is definitely defacing a product. Here’s the thing, not only is it close to stealing, it is unsanitary. When in a department store, if you try on the lipstick (a sample) it is then cleaned with alcohol, ready for the next customer. In CVS, the next customer to buy the lipstick Joslyn tried (and it would take a few customers cause she tried a lot), will then be putting lipstick on her lips with germs from Joslyn’s arm and lips. So it is clearly wrong of Joslyn on many levels. I would say then, it smarter and more frugal to go to a place where there are samples and you can try the stuff on and not waste your money buying something that when you get home and try on, you hate? Even though you will pay more, I think it might be best to go to a store that has samples and you buy something you WILL use. Sometimes when we go to these places without samples, we wind up spemding more on lipstick cause we buy four just to make sure we get one we like.

  2. KimA says:

    I agree with Carla – it is wrong to try the lipsticks at the store if there is no sample. They are cheaper BECAUSE there is no sample. Look at the color, if it doesn’t do it for you then don’t take a chance. Personally I find it disgusting when I open a lipstick at the store and it has been used. Doing that IS stealing because you’re making the product unsellable and results in raising prices for everyone. And honestly… who uses the sample lipsticks on their actual lips? Sounds like a good way to get a cold sore (or worse) to me… Does Joslyn also try on bathing suits without undergarments?

  3. carol says:

    Once the packaging is opened, it is not sellable, the product is tainted. The store ends up losing money. The more this happens, the more the stores have to raise prices. Everyone loses. If Joslyn wants to try it out first, she should spend the extra money and buy at the department store make-up counter.

Any Thoughts?