The Gift of Giving?

Jen has a habit of making donations to charitable organizations in honor of her friends when she has a gift to give – whether it be a birthday, wedding or other special occasion.   Most of her group of friends loves this idea, but it doesn’t sit so well with her friend Anne.  Anne thinks it is actually sort of cheap that Jen gives donations as gifts.   Her point:  Jen gets a tax deduction when she gives to charity so she’s actually benefiting from the gift too.

Does it really matter if Jen gets a tax deduction if she’s doing good in honor of her friends?  Or do think Jen is being cheap under the veil of charity?  How would you feel if you received a gift of a donation in your name?  Tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to “The Gift of Giving?”

  1. Belmont says:

    I don’t think it is cheap of Jen, but she should change it up occasionally and give something personal. Instead of cheap, I think Jen might be a bit lazy. Giving the same gift over and over again, although for a good cause, requires no thought (she has done it so many times), no effort, and no real personal connection from the gift to the person. Giving a donation in ones name is really nice, but it can get old if done too much.

  2. Ro says:

    My daughter receives a donation made in her name to our local Children’s Hospital, every year for birthday from her God-Mother.
    Our daughter is blessed with good health, and receives many gifts on her birthday. I am always touched by this very thoughtful, and generous gift. There is of course a personal connection, because if my daughter gets hurt or sick, that is where she will go.
    I feel it is Very Thoughtful, to think of those less fortunate, and to not only think of Ourselves.
    I am very grateful to my daughter’s God-Mother, for starting this special tradition.
    Has this world become so selfish, that we cannot “give back” on a special occasion, because we may benefit with Uncle Sam? What about the Charity? I honestly never thought about the tax deduction she would receive…it only makes me admire the gift more!

Any Thoughts?