An Organic Experience?

Meg is a health nut.  She was one of her first of her friends to ‘Go Organic’ – before it was cool – or even easy – to do so.  She is well known in her group of friends for espousing the health benefits of organic food and the detrimental effects of pesticides and hormones in our food.  She  buys organic whenever possible- right down to her condiments!  But recently when discussing money saving techniques with her friends, she admitted something that shocked her pals…

Apparently, when Meg invites friends over for a dinner party, she does NOT buy organic, due to how pricey it can get when serving a larger meal.  One of her friends thought this was totally understandable- after all she wasn’t obliged to pay for all her friends to eat organic!  However, other friends thought it was totally hypocritical and cheap of Meg to have such a double standard, given how much she claims to live by the virtues of organic food.

So is Meg being frugal…or just cheap when it comes to organic eating? Tell us what you think?

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2 Responses to “An Organic Experience?”

  1. Betsy says:

    Buying organic is very expensive. Maybe Meg would love to eat and serve organic food at her dinner parties, but simply cannot afford it. I don’t think she is being cheap…she is being frugal and probably staying within her budget!!!

  2. Eva says:

    Meg is being very hypocritical. If she believes in organic food enough to insist on it in her own home, she should serve it as well, especially being that she preaches on the organic subject. By buying nonorganic for her parties, she is supporting the very businesses and farming practices she hates! Besides, organic may be expensive, but she could tailor her menu to reflect items on sale (e.g. serve a vegetarian meal).

Any Thoughts?