For-Profit Shopping?!

This past Black Friday, Nicole got up at 4am to cash in on the door buster deals going on at Best Buy.  Nicole’s best friend Cynthia couldn’t join her that early because she has a new baby at home.  However, Cynthia asked Nicole if she wouldn’t mind picking up a HP scanner and a printer if she found a deal that was at least 30% off.  Happy to help her friend, Nicole said she’d just charge everything on her card and let Cynthia know the total when she got home.  Thankful, Cynthia said she would write Nicole a check that afternoon…

Well, as many Black Friday expeditions go, Nicole fought the crowds and stood in line for five hours before collapsing in her car to make her way home.  She did however score Cynthia’s printer and scanner for 50% off! But because of the her extreme effort and the extra serious discount she found, Nicole felt she at least deserved something in return.

Later that afternoon, Nicole delivered the items to her friend, but when she told Cynthia how much everything cost, she also told her that she was only able to get a 40% discount.  Thrilled by the deal, Cynthia happily paid Nicole and was none the wiser that Nicole had just made a small profit.

So, what do you think of Nicole’s logic NOT to extend the full discount to her friend?  Was she being cheap or frugal for expecting something in return for doing her friend the favor?  If Cynthia was happy with the price, was it necessary for Nicole to be totally honest about overcharging Cynthia?  Or was it only fair that Nicole get something for all her extra effort?  Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “For-Profit Shopping?!”

  1. Germaine says:

    Not good. She was being dishonest and deceptive. If she felt she needed something in return, she should tell Cynthia. Doesn’t the price appear on the warranty or bill for the product? Nicole should have called her friend, if she has a cell, while she was on line and asked her to make the decision whether she should remain on line. If they are such good friends, Cynthia will make some allowances to compensate Nicole for her effort. What is going to happen if Cynthia finds out the real price? Will they still be such good friends? Is that worth the risk?

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