Sale or No Sale?

Our frugal friend Sandy had been shopping for a dress for her cousins wedding for weeks. Completely unsuccessful finding something that both looked good, and that she could afford, Sandy made one last ditch effort and ran into a well known mid-range chain.  And there it was!  A simple black dress with cap sleeves and a plum colored sash.  But when Sandy looked the price tag, she sighed- it was still a bit too pricey.

A sales person rushed up to see if she wanted to try on the dress while telling her that it just went on sale for 30% off!  Unbelievable, perfect!

However, when Sandy brought the dress to the register, the saleswoman informed her that she had made a mistake and the sale did not start for another week.  There was nothing she could do.  The rules were the rules…

Sandy freaked out, and demanded to speak to a manager .  She needed the dress for a wedding that weekend, and how could the sales lady mislead her like that and the store do nothing to compensate her.  Frustrated Sandy stormed out emptied handed.

When she told her friends what happened a few or them thought she over reacted, and if she had talked it through, maybe they could have figured another solution. While other friends understood her anger.

Was Sandy right to complain and get upset?  Should she just have bought the dress at full price?  Was she cheap or frugal for walking out, or did she just cut off her nose to spite her face?

Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Sale or No Sale?”

  1. Eva says:

    Sandy is VERY CHEAP!

    Why? You should not walk into a store unless you know you can afford to; as the saying goes, if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it. If she is going to flip out (costing herself time and, hopefully, embarrassment) over less than $100 (assuming the dress retailed at $300 or less), she really could not afford the dress. I am sure she had something in her closet (or in a friend’s that she could borrow for the day) that would have been appropriate.

    Frugal is finding ways to live a fuller life using less, not “flipping out” on sales people – mistreating people is just in bad taste.

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