Taxi Tip

Claire and her husband Tony were recently on a trip to New York City.  They were staying at a large midtown hotel, one where taxi cabs lineup automatically in anticipation of all the potential patrons!  Each time they walked out of the hotel to get a cab, one of the doormen would signal to the taxi to pull up to the front door.

Claire noticed that most people were tipping the doorman a couple bucks each time he summoned a taxi and opened the cab door for them.  Tony felt tipping the doorman for this was ridiculous.  After all, the taxis were already in line waiting at the hotel!

Tony firmly felt the doorman was just helping out as a courtesy service and there was no expectation of a tip.  Their last day in NYC, Claire and Tony got into a cab to go to the airport – without tipping.  The doorman gave them a nasty look and a very sarcastic ‘THANK YOU!”

Mortified, Claire felt they should have been tipping all along.  However, Tony thought the doorman was just plain rude – and crazy to think he should be tipped for gesturing to a taxi to pull forward a few inches.

So, what would you have done?  Was Tony being cheap — or just frugal?  Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Taxi Tip”

  1. Sara says:

    I don’t think it is necessary to tip the doorman for each cab he gets you. Maybe a tip when you leave the hotel at the end of you stay would be appropriate. Tony may have been a bit cheap, but sometimes you just don’t have the money to be a generous as you would like to be.

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