Holiday Cash or Candles?

Marcy absolutely loves her daughter’s kindergarten teacher, Miss Julie.  And with the holidays fast approaching, she wanted to get Miss Julie something to let her know how much they appreciate all her hard work. At her local farmer’s market she found a fabulous organic lavender scented candle and bought it to give to Miss J, sure she would love it.  After a day of dealing with five year olds, it would be just the thing to help her relax!

The next day, Marcy ran into her friend Kate, who mentioned to Marcy that she would be giving Miss Julie money as a holiday gift.  When Marcy told Kate about the candle she bought, Kate told her (in as nice a way as possible) that considering how little school teachers make, she thought Miss Julie would much prefer receiving money or a gift card rather than a candle!

This totally upset Marcy- she had put a lot of thought into Miss Julie’s gift.  She couldn’t help but worry – was Kate right?  Marcy then proceeded to have nightmares all night long about that Friends episode where Rachel gave the superintendent cookies instead of cash — remember THAT one??!

So, is Kate right?  Is it in fact cheap of Marcy not to give a teacher a more practical gift like money or a gift card?   Or is it truly the thought that counts?  What should Marcy do?  Tell us what you think!

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One Response to “Holiday Cash or Candles?”

  1. Louie says:

    Are you kidding???? Of course it’s the thought that counts Curiously, how did the idea arise that teachers are underpaid and need gratuity’s to subsidize their income? Personally, I believe a monetary gift to a teacher might constitute the idea of a bribe for favors to that particular student.
    Good original thinking and bad advice.

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