Plan Ahead & Buy Off Season

by Stephanie Berenbaum – December 23, 2010

Spending Now to Save Later

It’s winter – even here in LA the weather has been rough… What’s a girl to do? I like to let my thoughts drift to long hot summer days.  But seriously, besides jolting you out of your seasonal depression disorder, these thoughts of sunshine may also save you money!   So while you’re recovering from the holidays, start planning for summer now by taking advantage of off-season deals that could save you a fortune in the long run.   Your bank account may be feeling that end of the year pinch, but if your cash flow has any wiggle room come January, strategically spending on off season purchases may just make your wallet a lot greener the rest of the year!

Air Conditioners & Fans

Sure, you may be freezing now, but have you really forgotten how sweltering it was this past summer  -  and what a premiun air conditioners were selling for?!  Winter is a great time to search for leftover models from last year which are likely on sale now!

BBQs, Grills & Outdoor Furniture!

Don’t wait until Memorial Day Weekend to decide you really want to become a grill master this year!  There are some great deals online now for both grills and grill accessories.  Additionally,  don’t forget about other big ticket items like outdoor furniture.  Retailers are quite hungry this time of year to clear out last year’s stock and make room for new inventory!

Summer Clothing & Shoes

Sure, sandals and tank tops might be the last thing on your mind since you haven’t taken off your Uggs and parka in weeks, but it is precisely why you should look for warm weather deals now!  Though summer clothing may not be taking up floor space in the stores right now, there are plenty of fab deals to be found online.  Act now, because come February, the 2011 lines will be out and all dirt cheap  deals will be off!

Summer Sports

Surfs Up?  You may be able to grab a great deal on last season’s gear – from surfboards to bikes to roller blades – now’s the time to plan your summer activities!

White Sales

Did you know that traditionally,  January is ‘White Sale’ month?!  Though I noticed a ton of bedding on sale in December too, apparently January is when the bedding industry goes really berzerk.  This is great news for us sheet snobs!  Really high quality bedding is expensive – while you may be content to buy the cheap stuff for your guest room, January is the month to finally invest in those 600 thread count sheets you’ve been dreaming of!  Since you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, I think it’s worth it to splurge- especially at 1/2 off!

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