Returning Rudolph?

Our friend Allison bought a Christmas-themed table runner, used it this year for her annual holiday buffet, and – you guessed it – took it back to the store Monday to return it!

She had kept the price tag on it and managed to keep it clean (perhaps a Christmas miracle?) but still…

As we asked around, a few of our friends admitted they have bought holiday themed gear in the past, only to return it after the holiday is over! Some of our pals thought it was a harmless, clever way to cut down on holiday costs, while others thought it totally ran afoul of the spirit of the season…what do you think???

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4 Responses to “Returning Rudolph?”

  1. Emma says:

    I think it is very dishonest and quite cheap. What about the next person who bought it and thought it was new. I find this practice outrageous!!

  2. C Mccracken says:


  3. Lisa says:

    I thinkj it is REALLY wrong! In the end we all pay with higher prices.

  4. Shirley says:

    It’s never OK to return a used article unless it is defective. Personally, I honor my commitment to retailers when I make a purchase. I don’t need the negative karma.

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