The Art Of Meaningful Gift Giving

by Brandi Savitt – December 6, 2010

Five Ways to Turn a Digital Snapshot into Art

You may instantly post photos onto Facebook after every evening out with friends or just minutes after your kids leave for the first day of school, but in this age of digital snapshots, how many of those photos actually get framed or thoughtfully placed into photo album?   This gift giving season, turn your memories into art! Check out these Fab & Fru ways to quickly and easily transform your digital photos into gifts that your friends and family will cherish and display forever – and if you’re related to me, please stop reading NOW- unless you want to know what you’re getting for Christmas…!

Print Your Photos Onto Canvas!

Fancy yourself a photographer?  This is my absolute favorite gift to give this year!

I have some beautiful photos from traveling this year, not to mention some great shots of the family, so I’m turning my digital pics into works of art for my whole family- by blowing them up and having them printed directly onto canvas!  Starting at $89, Canvas on Demand can transform your memories into elegant wall hangings in a just matter of days.  If you buy two of the same print, you get a significant discount on the second print (plus you can also get a special Fab & Fru offer if you sign up before 12/9/10 for our newsletter)!  There are many sizes, styles and effects to choice from, and if you act fast, the online shop is also promising delivery right up to Christmas!  Believe me, after you pick the right shot, it just takes a matter of minutes!

Design & Print a Photo Album!

There’s nothing more generous than taking the time to compile a photo album for someone, and now you can make professional looking books with the pics printed directly onto each page! Starting at $12.99 to about $50 bucks, you can customize an album for everyone on your shopping list- or just print the same copy for all…! iPhoto and are fantastic and affordable resources to check out, and if you hurry, they’ll be able to deliver your albums by Christmas!

Make a 2011 Calendar of the Kids!

This is a dream come true gift for the kids to give their grandparent’s and aunties & uncles.  A calendar can even be a little cheesy but fun & romantic gesture for your honey….   If you use a Mac computer, simply click on your iPhoto icon for instant options.  Otherwise,  Shutterfly and Kodak Gallery both offer an affordable and easy to use calendar making service!

Frame it in Digital!

Digital photo frames became all the rage a couple of years back, and we still think they’re a thoughtful way to share photos with friends & family.   Amazon offers deals starting at $30 for select frames, and depending on how big of a memory card you get, you can load this special present with hundreds of your favorite photos!

DIY Printing & Framing!

This holiday, I’m also taking the classic route, and framing some of my favorite family photos myself to give as gifts. Both Target and Ikea have a fabulous selection of single frames with matting as well as classy collage frames to hang on the wall.  If you don’t have a decent photo printer at home, you can have photos printed online at Shutterfly, Kodak, and iPhoto, or you can bring a jump drive of your favorite pics to the drugstore for some good old fashioned local printing.

This holiday season, take the time to get creative. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to create original, timeless, and affordable gifts that will never go out of style!

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