The Power Of Perception

Build Confidence & Status in 7 Simple Steps

Do you know what a Baller on a Budget is? Well, until we recently had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Penny Ray – founder of website Ballers on Budgets- we had no idea either!

Penny explains, a ‘Baller on a Budget’ is someone who seeks popularity and status, but doesn’t want to break the bank to keep up appearances! So we asked Penny – can you look like you have it all, without really having to keep up with the Joneses?  Can you really be a Baller while sticking to a budget?

Penny says that anyone who understands the power of perception can use it to their advantage to get noticed!  So, whether you are looking to advance in your career or looking to meet new people, showing others that you are a confident, engaging person is key to opening new doors.  Being Fab & Fru means feeling good and having the confidence to take on any situation. So, check out these Ballers on Budgets tips to help you build your status inside & out!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

As dating expert Jeremy Hamburgh once said, “When women dress stylishly for a situation, they feel bulletproof.”  Ladies – we all know that’s true!  To feel bulletproof is to have high self-esteem – and high self-esteem can be synonymous with financial security and an elevated social status. Other people notice the positive energy surrounding confident women and your peers will feed off that energy when in your company.

You should know by now: you don’t have to break the bank when dressing stylishly! If you’re going to make a worthwhile investment, start with a killer pair of boots or shoes. The right footwear can turn heads WITHOUT costing a fortune or crippling your toes.  Both Steph and Brandi have invested in quality footwear which continue to serve them well years later..  You may not be able to splurge in every area of your wardrobe, so if you have to pick just one area, put your best foot forward – it will pay for itself in comfort and class!

Let Your Hair Get You Noticed actually has a definition for the phrase Hair Confidence: higher self-esteem brought on by a stylish new hair cut. A great hair-do can do great things for you! Invest in a good cut and find a color that you can maintain yourself.  Once you know how to manage your hair style- you won’t need to spend much on caring for your hair.  By styling your hair and upgrading your shoes, you can raise your game in just a weekend!

Develop a Passion for a Cause or Hobby

Now that you look the part, you must play the part. If you want people to really be interested in talking with you, you actually need to have interests!  Remember applying to college?  Finding an extracurricular activity outside of work and your family life is not only a great way to get creative, blow off some steam, or give back to the community- it’s also an excellent way to meet new people!

Spend some time with your own thoughts and define what matters most to you.  By exploring your interests you will naturally stand out- by just being yourself!

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