Customer Service Pays

by Brandi Savitt – January 20, 2011

Why Zappos Has a Customer for Life

We’ve said it before – spending a little bit more for quality and customer service usually saves you money in to long run.  However, many companies forget that it is a competitive market out there, and that customers have a choice where to spend their money.  Many of these companies also bank on the fact that consumers would rather spend less now than pay for customer service. While this may be okay for some things, it shouldn’t be the accepted norm.  After all, one of the benefits of living in a material world is that we have a CHOICE where to shop!

Here is the Fab & Fru story of our dear friend Kate, and how she learned the value of the customer service, and why she will forever pledge her shoe buying loyalty to!

The $1,800 Pair of Shoes

Last month, a very pregnant Kate was racing around before the holidays, juggling a demanding freelance gig, her adorable toddler Olive, and trying to get it together to fly across the country to visit her in-laws.  As you can imagine, things were HECCC-TIC to say the very least, and to make matters worse, their aging love of a dog Dingo was becoming increasingly anxious with all the recent baby changes in the household.  So anxious in fact, that he began to paw off the molding around the front door trying to get out of the house when the family was not at home.

In her multitasking effort to get everything done before they left on their trip, Kate started doing all of her shopping online.  She, her daughter and her husband all needed new shoes so she logged onto her favorite shoe site: Zappos.  Overwhelmed by all the choices, Kate ordered a whopping $1,800 worth of shoes for the family to try on a choose from.  Sounds extreme, but Kate had no idea which shoes would fit best, and her plan was for everyone to pick a pair and the rest would be returned.  Knowing that Zappos offers free shipping, and that they have a great return policy, Kate knew she would be able to return the unchosen shoes for a full refund.  Until…

Pick ‘em Out, Pack ‘em Up

Kate, Jack and Olive’s home shoe shopping experience proved a success.  They all found new shoes that they loved, and Kate packed up the returns in the huge box they came in, and left it near the front door for Jack to drop off at UPS.  As the last one to leave the house that day, Jack had the brilliant idea to try and use the giant box to shield the door from the wrath of Dingo.  The logic being: if Dingo couldn’t see the door, then maybe he wouldn’t try to escape… OOPS!

Hello Dingo

While everyone was at work, Dingo went nuts.  He shredded the giant box into dust and then continued to tear apart EVERY shoe box inside.  When Kate opened the door that evening, she completely lost it.   Pregnant, tired and overwhelmed by what she saw – she rightfully busted into tears!  Dingo was no longer the anxiety ridden pooch that they all adored.  He had become a live-in canine terrorist!

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3 Responses to “Customer Service Pays”

  1. Cass says:

    What a great story!!! They will have me as a customer, too. What an incredible company. I hope your article brings them thousands more customers. I agree, spend your money where you are appreciated instead of with companies that don’t value your business!!!

  2. Barb D says:

    Mary Hunt, who wrote, “Debt Proof Living” recommends Zappos! :)

  3. SA says:

    Zappos rocks! I’ve been a long-time customer of theirs and this story just reaffirms why.

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