Free Refills?

Our Fab & Fru friend Afshar wrote in to tell us this Cheap vs Frugal story about his father- Mr. Bargain..

Mr. B lives for finding good deals and milking them to the max!  One of his fave food bargains at his local Costco, is the $1.50 hot dog & all you can drink fountain soda combo.  Ok, maybe not the healthiest meal on the block – but you can’t beat the price or the free refills!  The kicker?  Mr.Bargain likes to SAVE the drink cup and drive back and forth to Costco to refill his soda for free!

He once drove back again and again with the same old cup for TWO WEEKS straight…  Now that’s getting a bang for you buck, Mr. B!   Some folks say Mr.B is taking advantage of the system, and that he’s totally cheap.  While others think he is a frugal genius.  Tell us what you think about this penny pinching soda ‘pop’?

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One Response to “Free Refills?”

  1. Mandy says:

    I believe they mean free drinks while you are there. To drive back and forth to Costco with your old cup to get free drinks is not only extremely CHEAP, but not too smart. I am sure the amount he pays in gas to get a free drink costs more than the drink would have if he bought some soda and poured it at home. This cheapness really ruins it for the rest of us who enjoy the all you can drink soda combo at Costco. If everyone does what Mr. Bargain does Costco could no longer afford to gove us this deal. This is far beyond cheap!!!!!!!!!!

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