The Combo Gift

Jen’s daughter, Abby, has an unforgettable birthday – she was born on Christmas Day!  Abby’s maternal grandparents always go out of their way to make sure she has two distinct gifts – one for Christmas and the other for her birthday.  Abby’s other grandparents always buy just one gift – the ‘combo’ gift.  While it’s true, that the ‘combo gift giving grandparents’ always give Abby a nice present, Jen doesn’t think it makes up for the fact that her young daughter’s birthday gets overshadowed by Christmas.  Jen also can’t help but notice that the value of the combo gift is generally a little more than her in-laws would spend on the other grandkids birthday gifts or Christmas presents, but not really equivalent to the price of two in one for each holiday!

Though Jen feels petty for even calculating gift value, she can’t help but think that Abby’s grandparents are being cheap by just giving her the one gift!

Tell us what you think!  Are Jen’s in-laws cheapskates… or is Jen the unreasonable one?!

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3 Responses to “The Combo Gift”

  1. Marla says:

    I think every child should have a fuss made over their birthday. It might be nice to get a “better” gift once in a while, but a second gift (a trinket) is necessary. I think the parents should arrange to celebrate the child’s birthday prior to Christmas so their birthday is not lost in the shuffle. Then on Christmas they could have some trinkets and cards and maybe a cake for the birthday girl. As far as Jen calculating the gift value….I think Jen is the cheap person. The gift and recognition of Abby is what is important. I find people calculating gift value are shallow and a bit disgusting. Let’s start to focus on the meaning of gift giving rather than the amount spent.

  2. Condo Blues says:

    My birthday is in November. As a kid I got many combo birthday/Christmas gifts like my class ring and letterman’s jacket but for the most part those were my choice. It really bothered me that my mom would offer my sib the same choice but since she had a summer birthday my mom would forget the deal at Christmas.

  3. Barb D says:

    My 19 yr old niece’s birthday is Dec 26 & my sister has always made a distinction between Christmas & her b-day….
    when she was younger, she had a “half” birthday party on/near June 26! Lots of fun & distinct weather differences between June & Dec in Minnesota! :)

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