25% Cash Back On Zappos Gift Cards!

Earn up to 25% Cash Back on your first Zappos Gift Card order!

Introductory Offer: Earn up to 25% eBillme Cash Back Rewards on your first Zappos Gift Card order from February 2nd 10:00 AM EST to 11:59PM EST. Restrictions apply.

Joining the program

Sign up is free and easy. To join, simply pay your bill, and click the ‘Collect Cash Back’ button on your receipt.
Once you have joined the program your points will be automatically added to your account with each paid order.

Viewing your earnings

Your earnings will be displayed on your payment receipt – and will be added to your account after 15 days. On the 15th of every month eBillme emails a Cash Back statement displaying the previous months earnngs.

Getting Your Cash Back

Your cash back earnings may be redeemed one of 2 ways:

eBillme Coupon: After you earn a minimum of $10.00 USD, you can turn your earnings into a coupon from your monthly Cash Back statement. To redeem your coupon code simply enter it on the eBillme Terms and Conditions page as you checkout with eBillme at one of our participating merchants.

Check by Mail: You can choose to earn a minimum of $50.00 USD and then redeem your Cash Back in the form of a check that we will mail to your billing address. Please note any remainder of your balance will remain in your Cash Back account.


  • This offer applies to your first Gift Card order only
  • If you have received or participated in any other eBillme Cash Back promotion, instant rebate coupon or mail-in rebate, you cannot participate in this offer.
  • You may earn up to $20.00 Cash Back per order.
  • Earn 1% cash back on all subsequent purchases (or higher with applicable special offers).
  • Cannot be combined with any other eBillme offers. Using another offer with your order will invalidate your earnings.
  • Joining eBillme Cash Back is free and easy, simply click the sign up button on your bill, or eBillme receipt
  • Order must be paid in full to earn your Cash Back.
  • Not applicable to returned products or refunded orders due to out of stock inventory.
  • eBillme reserves the right to change or terminate this offer at any time.

For More Information:

Cash Back Rewards overview or read the Cash Back Rewards terms & conditions

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