Along For The Ride?

Last week, Lara was at a conference for work, and except for a few friendly faces, she didn’t have many people to go out with at night.  The final night of the conference, her two industry friends, who own their own business, told her they were taking some clients out for a thank you dinner.  Lara had met their clients socially, and before dinner, everyone was gathered in the hotel lobby for a drink.  At the last minute, Lara’s friend told her if she didn’t have anything else to do, she was welcome to join them for dinner.

They arrived at the Italian restaurant and were immediately given the royal treatment.  Wine, antipasto plates and a delicious first course of truffle pasta followed by grilled fish, roasted lamb, dessert and grappa.  When the very pricey bill came, Lara’s friends made it clear to their clients that it was their treat, and on that cue, Lara herself never offered to chip in a dime.  Was she right to assume that her friends were taking her out for an extravagant meal too… or was she taking advantage of the situation?

What would you have done?  Tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to “Along For The Ride?”

  1. suki says:

    If I were in Lara’s situation, I wouldn’t have said anything at the time the bill came, but I would approach the friends afterward to see what could be contributed if anything. If the friends who had invited her wanted to pay for her, then they’ll let her know at that time. Asking at the dinner would be awkward.

  2. Jan says:

    I think she took total advantage!!! They were being so nice to include Lara so she would’t be alone, but somehow she took it as an invitation to sponge a free meal. I am sure the friends that included her did not have money to burn. She should have given them her share privately after the meal. Some people aer so cheap and really don’t care who is footing their bill. as long is it is not them!! I am sure her friends caught on and won’t be so fast to include her next time. Cheap and obnoxious.

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